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What to do in Coimbra

Find out here about the most important events taking place in the city of Coimbra and its surroundings.

Cult Science Culture

had early on the 26th January, the Culture Science Worship cycle, jointly organized by the Science Museum, Archives and University of Coimbra General Library.

The aim of the initiative is to present the story of Jesus College, opened in 1698, but which nevertheless existed in Coimbra since 1542, the harness of the Apostles - the name also refers to the Jesuits that there lived - was the first college of the Society of Jesus in the world.

The College of Jesus told throughout its history with teachers of excellence, students of the best the world has known, distinguished artists and produced books that were reference at the time

The cycle will run until 15 June and will feature a series of initiatives to raise awareness of the history of the institution, either through books and documents, is knowing the buildings, works of art or the testimonies of science that there are taught and have come down to us.

These are some of the upcoming events, discover here the complete program :

25/2 - Lecture by Henrique Leitão, Faculty of Science, University of Lisbon
10/3 - Lecture Maria de Lurdes Craveiro of the Faculty of Arts, University of Coimbra


"Na ponta da Língua" in TAGV

Coimbra remains obligatory stop for the big players and national authors, 16 February at 21h30 through the Academic Theatre of Gil Vicente Savior martinha.

following a stand-up time "Cheat Sheet", which took the opportunity to test the success of some ideas that now presents the show "on Language Tip".

in a show that crosses the country from north to south, and after having exhausted the CCB Salvador Martinha now reaches Coimbra for 70 minutes always laughing.

from always ready answer at his fingertips, the comedian says, using always your very own language that has already led expressions used by all as "pussy" or "raton", themes that are very present in our daily lives: technology, trends and man-woman relationship. This show full of good jokes, and physicality, the audience is never forgotten and at any time a public person becomes the sidekick of the night.

Buy your tickets now!


World Magic Day

on 31 January at 11.00 the National Museum Machado de Castro presents "The Criptopórtico of Aeminium" Shadow Theater.

By prior registration watch a performance developed during the visit to Criptopórtico, which aims to address the same issues explored by the Guard-Keys.

Taking advantage of the unique fascination that is the shadow theater, which more than any other theatrical genre, he can transport the audience to a magical universe.

in the theater of shadows, the figures are no more than one element, the puppeteers and in some cases the musicians are mainly accountants, where manipulation of the figures only shows what is counted, and the music an equally important element.


visit the Physics Department

The time does not encourage outdoor programs as well for this Sunday suggest one to visit the Physics Cabinet of the University of Coimbra.

Appointed in September 2014 Website European History by the European Physical Society, the eighteenth Experimental Physics Office the University of Coimbra, created during the reform of Pombal, was the first place in Portugal and the second in the Iberian Peninsula to receive this distinction.

Located in the College of Jesus and belonging to the Science Museum of the University of Coimbra, the Physics Cabinet holds a valuable and rare collection of instruments for the study of this subject.

This Sunday at 15h know the Physics Cabinet of the eighteenth century, one of the most beautiful historical science spaces and enjoy one of the most notable collections worldwide a unique and characteristic of the eighteenth century environment.


New Year in Coimbra

Come spend the most important night of the year in Coimbra and participate in the biggest party in the country.

Coimbra has planned an evening of New Year's Eve in full, with lots of music and lots of entertainment not to be missed. The party will take place in three spaces in Largo Toll, in the Commerce Square, Square May 8 and the Mondego River.

is a packed program where the focus is Diego Miranda considered one of the DJs and the most influential producers Portugal, holder of a fantastic journey as a DJ early gained respect and recognition in dance music in Portugal

full program:.

  • Largo toll

22:00 | 1:00 a.m. - Francisco Cunha (DJ)
23:30 - Diego Miranda (DJ)

  • Praça do Comércio

00.15 - CLAN
02.00 - KREMLIN

  • Square May 8


  • Mondego river

00H00 - Fire Fireworks

Come get us in 2016!


Lights On Lower Town

More lively end-of-week in the Lower Town with music, culture and sports, these are our suggestions:

dance through the streets of Lower -. Gestures for Crib, by Leonor Barata 12.00
guided tour "Under the Sign of the Nativity" at 15:00 at the Municipal House of Culture.
"Song of Natalício Cycle 2014" with Mondeguinas the Cultural Association at 16.30 on Largo Toll / Square May 8.
Musical houses with the performance of the Tobacconist musical group, from Largo buildings windows of the 19h Earl's Palace

3rd Tournament Remo Proof the 1st strokes, the Nautical Center of Coimbra / Mondego Green Park -.. 9:00 a.m.
Concerto babies by the Symphonic Band of the Public Security Police, in the Main Hall of the City Hall by 11:00 am
Sunrise in the Arts -. Special Christmas Paper Flowers. Activities for children from 6 to 12 years in the Theatre About St. Bernard from 11.00 to 13.00.
Christmas Tales in Children's Library (Ludoteca) at 17:00.
"Song of Natalício Cycle 2014" by D Choir . Peter Christ at the Café Santa Cruz at 21h30.


Nine Years of Science Museum

On Saturday the Science Museum of the University of Coimbra celebrates its 9thbirthday.

The Science Museum of the University of Coimbra is an interactive museum that seeks to bring science closer to all audiences.

The science collections at the University of Coimbra are the oldest and significant in Portugal, maintaining a highly diverse, including temporary exhibitions, guided tours, conversations with scientists and workshops, which have had an excellent and growing acceptance in the Portuguese society.

on the 5th of December, the Museum science celebrates nine years, and stop mark this date we celebrate the fact that the University of Coimbra have recently integrated the International Association of Cities and Entities of the Enlightenment.

in a session devoted to the Enlightenment, where he will attend the General Secretary of the International Association of Cities and Entities of the Enlightenment and the Rector of the University of Coimbra, know the full program here .


Exhibition - Family

It follows from the first edition of the biennial Anozero has planned to hold a series of curatorial initiatives in classified areas and other places of significant heritage value and cultural Coimbra.

One such event the "Family" exhibition on display at the National Museum Machado de Castro, the result of a dialogue between sculpture Rui Chafes and films of Pedro Costa made in Cape Verde in 1994 during the shooting Lava House. In this dialogue join the voices of Jean-Marie Straub and Danièle Huillet through its tribute film to Mallarmé.

The dialogue between Rui Chafes and Pedro Costa takes place just a reversibility statement.


Cordis in TAGV

CORDIS piano & Portuguese guitar are back on stage at the Academic Theatre of Gil Vicente.

Paulo Figueiredo at the piano and Bruno Costa on guitar Portuguese showing through a new aesthetic approach, unknown facets of some classics of Coimbra guitar.
in a unique way the two instruments have become one constant string of dialogue, wandering and exploring the harmonic and rhythmic richness parts composers recognized.

Therefore, and after a first album released in 2008, a second, published in 2011, and a DVD presented live in 2013, CORDIS present on November 14 at the Auditorium of Academic Theatre Gil Vicente your first work composed exclusively of original pieces signed by the two musicians.


Helena Days - The Color White Need

Until next November 1 is on display in the Municipal Museum of Coimbra / Gallery Almedina. The Color White Need.

these abstract paintings, all in acrylic paint on canvas, the modular units and the use of a blue palette, violet, orange, canary yellow, green, red and pink create patterns that They repeat, break up and crumble. These paintings emerge from a fusion of influences are apparent and an energy and constant movement. And everything happens, in general, on a white background because "The Color White Need ..."

Admission is free.


World Tourism Day

Coimbra does not stop, and evento September 27 will be several initiatives marking the World Tourism Day.

Under the slogan "One billion tourists, one billion opportunities", the World Tourism Organization demand, the World Tourism Day , highlight the tourism potential in creating opportunities for communities and stressing their involvement in the sustainable development of tourism.

Coimbra did not waste this opportunity, creating a unique program that searches all beneficiaries of the tourism potential the city and calling for community participation, with initiatives that allow you to discover, in a playful and cultural form, space and enchanted time in the city, thus enhancing the culture and identity of a World Heritage city of Humanity.

here we highlight some of the events, most with free access

  • 25th of September:. Route of Taverns
  • Day September 26: Treasures of a City I World heritage | guided tour
    Music Nights in the Heart of the City of Coimbra
  • Day September 27: Free visit to Almedina Tower

Visit us!


European Researchers' Night - Preparatory activities

The European Researchers' Night - Researchers' Night - is an initiative promoted since 2005 by the European Commission under the Marie Curie Actions (gctag7. )
the aim is to celebrate the Science and approaching citizens and occurs in several European cities on the last Friday of the month, the 25th of September.

The Science Museum of the University of Coimbra dedicates the month of September to scientists, developing a series of preparatory activities for that night:

  • Day 12 - There is light at the Museum of science

on International Light Year will (re) discover, with Carlos Fiolhais, the exhibition "Secrets of Light and Matter", at 15h in the science Museum of the University of Coimbra (Laboratorio the Museum)

  • Day 20 - There Science in Choupal

this Sunday morning will visit if it Choupal aim to find out with the museum's scientists fauna and flora a National Forest that is part of the imaginary of Coimbra.
activities will take place between 9am to 13h and admission is free.

at the same time held the photo contest "the Light in Coimbra"
in order to celebrate the International Year of Light, to participate suffice to send a photograph on the theme "the Light in Coimbra." The five best will be published in the pages of Facebook and Instagram from the Science Museum.


E.TOUR - Electric Bicycle rental

Ai is a different, healthy and environmentally friendly way to visit Coimbra, E.Tour offers a rental service for electric bicycles that will possible to know Coimbra in a unique way.

This is perhaps the best way to discover Coimbra. The E.tour bike is an electric bike hire company, which aims to provide a city of enjoyment of unique and authentic experience on two wheels.

The mechanism of power assist bicycles, will help to overcome geographical boundaries of the city and reducing the physical effort required, thus reaching a highernumber of people.
In addition bicycle hire there will also be guided tours, which require advance booking and include paths for the Cultural Heritage of the city, routes Nature, and for the more adventurous routes Surprise.

the Hotel D. Luis is a privileged partner and all our clients are exempt from payment of the deposit when it hired the service.

Do not miss the opportunity to visit Coimbra like never visited!


City Route "Song of Coimbra"

Come discover the paths of the Song of Coimbra, is the proposal of Living place, a mix of experiences and emotions that run through some of the most beautiful places World Heritage site.

Walk by Coimbra Historical Center, visit the Academic Museum, a "well-eating house" (tavern) or a republic, a route where the challenge is to live Coimbra with a fresh look, go for more "hidden" locations, and at the end hear and feel the Song of Coimbra.

Discover here all information.

Come what!


University of Coimbra by Night

Celebrating its 750 years initiatives at the University of Coimbra not stop.

So from the 11th of July to at the end of August, every Saturday from 21h30 and for about 2 hours, the University of Coimbra offers a guided tour by its most emblematic spaces, especially the Old Royal Palace, the Chapel of St. Michael, and the Library Ioannina, missing not clear rise in the University Tower, there is still room for a musical note.
Learn more.


Three Sisters (Making Of)

Do not miss this evening at the Monastery of Santa Clara-a-Velha by 18h "Three Sisters (Making Of)", the new production of Teatrão which estrou on 1 July and remains in roaming for several areas of the city by 1 August.

the show will be presented at the Municipal House of Culture in the Monastery Museum of Santa Clara-a -Velha, the League of Coimbra Fighters and the Municipal Theatre Workshop, reinforcing the will to act and reflect on the city and on it. Each of the spaces represents an act sequentially, with an implied connection.


Events of the City of Coimbra - July 3 | Friday feir to

  • 9:00 a.m. International Competition Jumping "Rainha Santa Isabel / Cidade de Coimbra"
  • 10.00 Guided Tour "Treasures of a World Heritage City II"
  • 15.00 guided tour "Rainha Santa Isabel"
  • 15.00 guided tour "Treasures of a World Heritage City II
  • 18.00 Sun 7 Snacks | Café Santa Cruz (Santa Cruz Coffee)
  • 20h00 Opening of People's Fair (until July 19)
  • 21.30 theater spectacle Premiere "This ... was to be something else" | Loucomotiva - Taveiro Theatre Group
  • 21.30 Concert with Anthony Zambujo and Center Classical Orchestra | Mermaid Garden
  • 22.00 Break J @ zz 2015 - Quintet Pedro Moreira | Stairs Break Back
  • 22:00 Fado Night withgroup "Coimbra Girl and Girl" | Square May 8
  • 22.00 Interactive Entertainment of projection mapping | Building of City Hall
  • 22.00 Sylvester Kamalhão Rock
  • 22h00, 22h30, 23h00, 23h30, 00h00, 00h30 Spectacle of projection mapping, under the Old Meeting of Students of the University of Coimbra | Patio of the schools of the University of Coimbra

Events of the City of Coimbra - July 2 | Thursday feir to

  • 10:00 am - Guided View Treasures of a World Heritage City II
  • 15:00 - Guided Tour "Living in the Gardens - Mermaid Garden"
  • 15:00 - guided tour Treasures of a World Heritage City II
  • 17.00 - 1st International Tournament "City of Coimbra" - Roller Hockey | Municipal Multisport Pavilion Mario Mexia
  • 21.30 - Jorge Palma Concert with the special participation of Banda Ginga | Quintadas Tears - amphitheater Colina de Camões
  • 22.00 - Dance Night | Studio Flic-Flac Dance and LOVE

Events of the City of Coimbra - July 1 | Wednesday

  • 9:30 a.m. Mini Chef Summer II (workshop for children aged 6 to 12 years)
  • 10.00 Guided Tour "Treasures of a World Heritage City II"
  • 15.00 guided tour "St. Anthony"
  • 15.00 guided tour "Treasures of a World Heritage City II"
  • 17:00 1st International Tournament "City of Coimbra" - Roller Hockey
  • 21.30 Ball Rose | Praça do Comércio
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